3 January 2013
My 2011 and 2012 Yuletide stories have now been posted to the stories page: in 2011 I wrote another long "The Good Wife" story from Alicia's point of view, and in 2012 I wrote a story based on the song "Iowa" by Dar Williams, set against the backdrop of the West Wing universe. (That one is Turningverse, even, though there are no actual West Wing characters involved, so the Turningverse elements are subtle.)

Also, and speaking of the Turningverse, the Eighteen Years set is now posted at the Archive of Our Own. I did write a few more over the course of the past two years, but I want one or two more to be finished before I post them. Stay tuned!

1 January 2011
For this year's Yuletide challenge, I co-wrote two stories with Minna Leigh, both set in the same "The Good Wife" universe and both dealing with Kalinda. You can find this duology on its own page. We make no promises about other stories in this universe, but we have some thoughts about Alicia as well, so we're not ruling it out!

As for other ventures, I know I keep promising more Turningverse and not delivering, but this is the year I want to make that right. I've got a New Year's resolution and everything. I want this to be the year when I make significant progress in the Eighteen Years set, even if I don't finish it.

4 January 2010
Happy New Year! I wrote yet another short story for the while we tell of yuletide treasure challenge. It's set immediately following the end of the German indie film "Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei" (also known in English as "The Edukators"), and it's quite possibly the smuttiest thing I've ever written. It's pretty canon-bound, alas, so I'm not sure it would be at all clear what's going on unless you know the film, but if you are familiar with it, you can find the story by scrolling down on the stories page.

This year should see more work on my Eighteen Years short pieces in the Turningverse, by the way, presuming real life slows down a bit.

7 November 2009
As a follow-up on my last announcement: all of the past, present, and future fannish content that used to be found at my livejournal will now only be able to be found at my dreamwidth journal. This includes stuff about the yuletide gift exchange that I participate in every year, an eventual continuation of the "Eighteen Years" series in the Turningverse (which I intend to get back to working on in 2010, by the way, in case anyone's still reading), all the discussion and musing about the Turningverse or the Countrymileverse, and any new and future Great Fannish Passions.

You can follow those posts over at dreamwidth in two ways: one, by creating your own dreamwidth journal and adding the journal 'jae' to your own reading list, or by using an RSS feed for reading and OpenID for commenting.

9 July 2009
Heads-up: The "Eighteen Years" collection of West Wing stories has been removed from my livejournal, but they still live on at my dreamwidth journal. (Eventually they will be moved over here, but I want to finish all of them first so that it can be posted as a single piece.)

1 January 2009
Happy New Year once again! I didn't write much this year (although there was a fourth Friday Night Lights story that got added early in 2008 but which I forgot to announce here--sorry about that!), but I did write something once again for the while we tell of yuletide treasure challenge. It's called "Tin Gods and Golden Goddesses, and it's set in the universe of Maud Hart Lovelace's Betsy-Tacy novels. It was my first experience writing pastiche, and it was fun!

And another cool fanfictiony thing that happened this year that I forgot to announce was the translation of my Talented Mr. Ripley story Il Palazzo into German. I actually speak German, too, so I can vouch for the fact that the translator did an amazing job, and the translation is much better than the original in some places. It's linked on my translations page.

1 January 2008
Happy New Year! This was my fourth year with the while we tell of yuletide treasure rare fandoms challenge, and I went a bit overboard this year, writing not one but three separate stories for the show Friday Night Lights. All are set in the same universe, so they've been relegated to a separate page that can be reached from the "stories" link off to your left.

As you might be able to guess from this, I've fallen headfirst into another set of characters and even another full-fledged extrapolating-from-canon universe. But if you're worried that this means I won't finish the Turningverse as promised, don't be. The "Eighteen Years" short stories continue apace over at my livejournal, and that won't be changing anytime soon.

30 May 2007
Since January I've been working on a new set of eighteen short pieces in the Turningverse, and in terms of sharing them, I'm trying something new this time. Slowly, over the next little while, I'm going to be posting them individually at my livejournal. Once they're all finished, I'm going to do one last polish and then post the whole thing in one file (called "Eighteen Years") on this site, but for anyone who'd rather read them as they come, they'll be over there in the meantime. The first four are up now; read the intro post here.

24 January 2007
Long time, no see! I've been busy with real-life politics this past year and haven't had time to write much, but I've recently had a West Wing renaissance, so you should be hearing some more from me this year.

In the meantime, perhaps some of you would be interested in the story I wrote for this year's while we tell of yuletide treasure rare fandoms challenge. I wrote a story for Windrunner in the fandom of the "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset" films. It's on the stories page, in the stand-alone stories section.

1 January 2006
Happy New Year! I participated in the while we tell of yuletide treasure rare fandoms challenge again this year, and now that the names have gone live, I'm allowed to say that I wrote a Snakes and Ladders (a short-lived Canadian political show) story this year for Amilyn. You can find it on the front stories page by clicking on the "stories" link off to your left.

15 September 2005
A translations page has been added to my site.

8 July 2005
"Winter Sun" is finished and posted! It's located on the Turningverse stories page ... just scroll down to the bottom.

23 June 2005
The stories pages are now labeled with file sizes and word counts, so that readers will know what kind of a time investment is involved when they sit down to read a particular story.

20 June 2005
A draft of "Winter Sun" is finally completed. It's longer than anything I've finished before, though, so the editing process is going to take a bit longer. I estimate the date of arrival as sometime within the next three weeks. Thanks for being patient.

23 January 2005
The Turningverse soundtrack has been updated with two songs for "Winter Sun."

1 January 2005
Happy 2005, everybody! I've posted the story I wrote for the while we tell of yuletide treasure challenge, now that the authors' names have gone live. It's short, a missing scene from the Talented Mr. Ripley movie, and you can find it on the front stories page by clicking on the "stories" link off to your left. I do realize, though, that most of you are just going to be annoyed that the first thing I post in over a year is not a Turningverse story. Rest assured that although I'm mostly writing original fiction these days, I am also working on "Winter Sun," the Turningverse story about Sam's Congressional campaign. I'd hoped to have it done by now, but real life intervened one too many times, and it's also about a third again longer than anything else I've written, so it just takes time. I'm going to try my very best to have it done sometime in the first half of 2005. There's one more Turningverse story to come after that, too, a post-administration story called "Any Dream," which can't be written until after the show is over. So anyone who's been worrying that I've abandoned the Turningverse can rest assured that I *will* finish telling Josh and Sam's story before hanging up my fanwriter hat for good. And there's the third story in the Bridge the Schism trilogy to come as well. I'm slower these days and less focused on the West Wing, but I finish what I start. I promise.

3 February 2004
As part of a meme over on livejournal, Luna and I did a DVD-style "commentary track" for our co-written story "Your Next Bold Move."

20 January 2004
The results of the 2003 Jeds are in. Thanks to all of you who voted for me; I am, as ever, very honored.

8 January 2004
Happy New Year! The final round of the 2003 Jeds is now open for voting, and runs through the 17th of January. I made it into the finals in several categories, but don't limit your reading just to those; there's a lot of good stuff there all on one page. Hands down, the best thing about the Jeds is the collecting of stories like that!

10 December 2003
It's that time of year again, the time when all the good little West Wing fanfiction writers put little buttons and banners on their websites and tell everybody to go check out the Jeds. I've been nominated in some of the categories, but be sure to check out them all.

31 October 2003
"Your Next Bold Move," the second story in the "Bridge the Schism" trilogy, is completed and posted.

15 October 2003
A draft of the next story in the Bridge the Schism trilogy, "Your Next Bold Move," is finished. We'll be sending it out for beta tomorrow, and hope to have it out there by the end of next week.

21 August 2003
I've been doing so much work-related travel this summer that I've had almost no time for anything fun, but I am still plugging away at both the next Turningverse story (which will be called "Winter Sun" and will tell the story of Sam's Congressional campaign) and my part of the next story in the Bridge the Schism trilogy (entitled "Your Next Bold Move"). I'm going to try to concentrate more on original fiction this year, but I've still got more to say about the West Wing crew as well, so you'll definitely be hearing more from me by the fall.

25 June 2003
I wrote two 100-word drabble vignettes in response to the Sam Seaborn Fanfiction Archive's Buffy Tribute Challenge (click on "Dirty Girls" and "Fear Itself" on the site, or follow the link at the bottom of my stories page). Both are Turningverse. Then, in response, I issued my own Reverse Buffy Tribute Challenge. I haven't answered it myself, yet, but if you do Buffy at all, there are some wonderful little pieces there.

15 May 2003
The new Turningverse story, "Resonance," is edited and posted. This one is a bit of a departure for me in some ways, but not at all in others. It's on the Turningverse stories page; scroll down to the second-to-last story.

8 May 2003
Remember my 500-word vignette challenges like the mood vignettes and defining moments? Well, I've been at it again. The secrets vignette archive is now live. Enjoy!

12 April 2003
After far too long a hiatus, I've updated my recommendations list again. Have a look at what's moved me over the past six months.

5 April 2003
All thanks go to Luna for the bee-you-tee-ful new site design. (Hurrah! No more frames!)

1 April 2003
The first story in the trilogy written by myself, Luna, and Lydia is finally edited! It's called "Another Light Missing," and we're already hard at work on the second story, so expect it sometime within the next couple of months.

12 March 2003
Just in case anybody's interested, The Scriptorium has just done an all-Sam update, featuring recs and interviews, including one with me.

17 February 2003
I've been working on a bunch of things at once these days, which is why none of them have been getting done. I've started my next Turningverse story, "Resonance," and I've been doing research for and plotting the one to follow that. In addition to those, though, I've also been working on a non-Turningverse collaborative trilogy of stories with fellow West Wing fanfiction writers Luna and Lydia. The first story is called "Another Light Missing," and it's already been sent off to the betas and should be posted by next week. Watch this space!

10 February 2003
The winners in the 2002 Jeds have been announced. The results in the categories I placed in are listed on my awards page, and the full list of winners is on the Jeds page. I'm so thrilled and honored by your continued encouragement. Thank you all so much!

7 February 2003
As some of you probably know, I keep an online journal where I wax on about fannish things sometimes. A few weeks back, I wrote up a little thing about "character assassination." Ria of the Scriptorium found it, and we ended up throwing together an article based on it.

27 January 2003
The final round of the Jeds is now open for voting, and runs through the third of February. I made it into the finals in a number of different categories, and there's a lot of other great stuff there, too, so check it all out.

2 January 2003
The second annual Jeds West Wing fanfiction writing awards competition is now open for voting. As I said last year, I won't be so gauche as to encourage people to vote for me, but I would definitely like to encourage everyone to support the awards in general. Anybody can participate, so read some stories, discover some new writers to love, and vote!

30 December 2002
The rewrite of "The Real Thing" is now (finally) posted. Check it out on the Turning-universe stories page, right where the old one was. Thanks for being patient.

2 December 2002
A couple of people have written to me asking how to point directly to my stories for the purposes of Jeds nominations, since I have a frames-based site. Gosh. Thanks. If you're using Netscape, you should be able to get the URL for the story by going to the story, clicking on the frame, and then clicking on the menu option that says "open frame in another window." The URL that appears in that window, then, is the direct URL. If you're using Internet Explorer, if you right-click within the story's frame, and then choose Properties, it should tell you what the URL is. If all else fails, the direct URLs are really quite intuitive (for example, the one for "Turning Myself Into You" is http://www.jaegecko.com/turning.html), so you might be able to guess it, anyway. I apologize profusely for making you all work so hard to do something nice for me! As for writing, I'm in the homestretch on the long, long LONG rewrite to "The Real Thing," so look for that sometime this month.

19 October 2002
I'm working on two things -- one rewrite and one new story -- but to tide you all over until those are finished, I've updated my recommendations page with the fanfiction I've loved since this past summer. Check it out!

15 August 2002
Access to my site at www.jaegecko.com has been unavailable for the past week or so due to some problems with name service. All should be well now. If you've sent me email within that time, though, I'd love it if you could resend. Thanks.

3 August 2002
Some of you may remember my mood vignette challenge. Well, I've been at it again. This time, I asked people to contribute a 500-word vignette, any fandom, any character, centering around a defining moment for that character. The challenge yielded 75 vignettes in all, representing 26 different fandoms, and is archived here. Again, it's multi-fandom, but there are a whole bunch of West Wing ones on the list, including four from me (three of which are Turningverse). Check it out! My own are, of course, also listed on the "odds and ends" page.

26 July 2002
"Hymns to the Earth and the Air" is now edited; check for it on the Turning-universe stories page at the very bottom. I've also updated my soundtrack and timeline pages, and added a couple of small things to the "odds and ends" page.

18 July 2002
A draft of "Hymns to the Earth and the Air," which is my Turning-universe retelling of the events of the episode "100,000 Airplanes" with my Lisa, is finished and will be sent off for beta tonight. Look for it within a week. If you'd like, you can already read the intro.

17 June 2002
The new recommendations page is up and running, and chock full of the fanfiction I've loved over the past few months. Check it out!

16 June 2002
"Contradictions" is finished and posted! Next on the agenda are two post-"Decay of Lying" stories, one from Sam's point of view (essentially retelling the basic story of "100,000 Airplanes" with my Lisa), and one from Josh's point of view. Also, I should have an update to my recommendations page done sometime this week.

14 June 2002
I have a draft completed of a short (yes, really!) story about Josh and Matt Skinner in the early nineties, and I've sent it off to the betas. It's called "Contradictions". Look for it sometime within the next week or so.

31 May 2002
I've been taking a wee break from fanwriting to write some original stuff, but I've got plenty of West Wing stories in my head yet to tell, so I'll be back for sure. On a somewhat different note, though, the soundtrack is now complete. It's been a lovely bit of frivolity, and I learned a lot of new songs, and we had a hell of a lot of fun. So, thank you to Luna, kel, pene, Maggi, Stephanie C., Laura Shapiro, AMJ, and all the artists.

10 April 2002
Welcome Luna to Team Gecko. This little lizard's just rolling in luck lately. Suggestions are being taken on new silly nicknames, though, because the Fabulous Six just sounds dumb.

7 April 2002
I've updated my recommendations page with the fanfiction I've loved over the past few months. I'm productive this week!

4 April 2002
"The Decay of Lying" is finished and edited! Check for it on the Turning-universe stories page at the very bottom. I've also added a "Soundtrack" section to my site, just for kicks. You can click on the link in the left frame.

27 March 2002
A draft of "The Decay of Lying" is complete and has been shipped off to the beta team. Expect it sometime in the first week of April. And speaking of the Fabulous Four: as of this story, they are now to be known as the Fabulous Five, as I have managed to cajole Dafna Greer into joining Team Gecko. I am one lucky little lizard.

5 March 2002
The second and final round of voting has begun in the British West Wing Fic Awards competition. I am a finalist in the following categories:
Best WW Fic Series for the Turning-universe stories
Best Male WW Characterization (support character) for Matt Skinner in "Honor the Man"
Best WW Alternate Character story for Andy Keller in "A Change in the Weather"
Best WW Slash story for "Turning Myself Into You".
Voting ends on March 27th.
In other news, I'm about halfway done with my latest Turning-universe epic, "The Decay of Lying". I'm busy enough to know not to make any promises, but you can probably look for it in about a month.

21 February 2002
I am up for several awards in the British West Wing Fic Awards competition. Go to the main site if you're interested in having a look (all of the eligible stories are linked), or go here if you just want to vote.

28 January 2002
I'm so busy right now that the longer stuff is getting short shrift, but I wrote a response to the SamSite challenge to break up Sam and Lisa in 500 words. One caveat: it's Seppala, not Sherborne! I also figured I've finally written enough of these little things that it was worth making a separate section of my site for them, so that's now up. It's called "Odds and Ends", and can be found by following the "Stories" link in the left frame.

17 January 2002
I seem to have written a parable.

11 January 2002
A week ago, on a whim, I made a livejournal entry asking anybody who felt like contributing to write a 500-word piece of fanfiction, any fandom, centering around any of the dozens and dozens of livejournal moods. The challenge took off like an inferno, and we now have a marvelous collection of lovely little mood vignettes. The URL is here. It's multi-fandom, but there are a whole bunch of West Wing ones on the list, including two Turning-universe ones from me. Check it out!

19 December 2001
"Transparent Reflections" is posted! Find it on the Turning-universe stories page between "Dancing With Shadows" and "Speechless", and be sure to let me know what you think.

14 December 2001
I finally got around to updating my recommendations page with the stories that have moved me in the past six months or so. There's some wonderful stuff there, so do check it out and see if there's anything you've missed.

2 December 2001
It's been a long time coming, but "Transparent Reflections", the Turning-universe story based around "Noel", is in the homestretch. I'm promising it by the end of December, but hoping for sooner than that -- by December 19th, to be precise, which is when the episode reairs across North America. Keep checking back (or join my mailing list if you want to get it in your inbox the moment it's ready).

28 October 2001
I have a new piece on the site; my first non-slash piece. It's an answer to a challenge on a writers' mailing list I'm on, to "write the anti-you". The Powers that Be informed me that the anti-me would consist of a shortish, non-linear, third-person, CJ/Toby post-episode or post-series plot-free vignette that's vague and subtle and contradicts canon, with a happy ending and a song lyric for a summary. I tried to deliver on most of that. It's called "Flight Path" and it's on the standalones page; let me know what you think.

15 October 2001
The winners of the Jeds have been announced. My dear, dear readers seem to have deemed me worthy of the following:
Outstanding Original Character: First place
Outstanding Josh/Sam: First place
Outstanding other male/male pairing: First place
Outstanding Series: Second place
I am so. Blown. Away. Thank you all so much.

29 September 2001
So, in the grand tradition of Getting On With Things, it looks like we're finally up to the last round of voting in the Jeds West Wing fanfiction awards. I'm a finalist in the following categories:
Outstanding Series (for the Turning-universe stories)
Outstanding Original Character (for Lisa, in the Turning-universe stories)
Outstanding Josh/Sam (for the Turning-universe stories)
Outstanding other male/male pairing (for "Honor the Man"), and
Outstanding Author.
Thank you to all who voted for me in the first round! Anyone can vote, so give it a whirl. Voting ends October 13th.

28 September 2001
One of my amazing readers sent me this quote from Rent in a recent email: "The opposite of war isn't peace; it's creation." And you know, she's right, as are all of the others who have expressed similar sentiments. I'm still not sure what it means to be a political storyteller at a time like this, and sexual identity issues seem so incredibly trivial given the real-world crises facing all of us. But this hobby -- this thing -- it has been so important to me, and giving up would be giving in, so I'm not going anywhere. I'm starting to plot two things at the moment, both in the Turning universe: one is the story of how Sam and Lisa got involved, and the other is a longer piece that attempts to explain Sam's notable absence in the episode "Noel". I'll be alternating between them because one will be much harder to write than the other, but both will eventually be written. So a thousand thank yous to everyone who wrote with expressions of encouragement. I swear, some of the sweetest people in the world are my readers. Someday I want to invite you all to my house for a party with lots of good food and fine wine.

20 September 2001
I'm having some email problems because I had to switch DSL providers suddenly, so if something you send me bounces back, forward it on again and eventually I will get it. Sorry for the ill-timed inconvenience.

19 September 2001
The "Turning" rewrite is posted. Please read the introduction, though, before reading the story.

11 September 2001
The "Turning" rewrite is done, as of yesterday. I don't know when I'll post it. In the meantime, let's all just heal, a little. My thoughts are with everyone personally touched by this tragedy.

4 September 2001
So, Jae, you've already got a vanity domain -- what's next, a vanity mailing list? Um ... yes. Heh. It seems that I have enough regular readers who don't want to be on the main West Wing fanfiction lists and who also don't want to keep regularly checking my website that this may be worth doing. Or maybe it isn't; only time will tell. In any case, if you'd like yet one more option for receiving my stories in your inbox as soon as they're finished, you might want to check it out. Click the 'Mailing list' button in the side frame for more information.

1 September 2001
I have been nominated for several awards in the Jeds West Wing fanfiction writing awards competition. I won't be so gauche as to encourage you to vote for me, but I would definitely like to encourage you to support the awards in general. Yes, it's a popularity contest, but it's one that's been exceptionally and maturely run thus far, despite several snags, and I think that's very cool. Anybody can vote; give it a whirl.

25 August 2001
As some of you are already aware, I've been talking for a while now about rewriting my very first fan story, "Turning Myself Into You". Why a rewrite? Well, I've been horribly embarrassed by it for a long time, but I've never had the luxury of being able to take it off the Net, since doing so would disrupt the continuity of my Turning-universe series by removing its cornerstone. Also, I think it's essentially a fine story crippled by bad writing, and I'm the only one who can do anything about that! The revision was originally conceived as a mere "director's cut", but once I got started on it, I realized just *how* much work was needed, and so it turns out that the new and improved version is going to have about 95% new material. In other words, it's going to be a new story with the same plot. Look for it in mid-to-late September and give the tired old beast a new try. :-)

20 August 2001
On a fan writers' mailing list that I'm on, a bunch of us wrote responses to a challenge to write "radios": essentially, 250-word, first-person character pieces. I'm not going to put mine up on my site, but you might want to check out the radios page if you want to see some stuff of mine that's a little out of the ordinary (they're vignettes, for one thing, and only one of them is West Wing, and that one's from Lisa's point of view :-). While you're there, take a look at some of the others, too; there are some lovely little pieces there.

10 August 2001
I've finally given in and entered the world of vanity domain names! If you're not already viewing this page at www.jaegecko.com, please update your bookmarks and links and make it easier on my poor admin. Thanks.